Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Entry 

  1. Definitions

The “Foundation” means The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation and includes where appropriate employees, agents, contractors and officers of The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation.

“Content” refers to photos and blogs uploaded to the Rider’s profile page on the Great Cycle Challenge website.

“Event” or “Great Cycle Challenge” means a month-long cycling challenge conducted throughout the month of August, including, without limitation, road, trail and stationary bike cycling, spinning and group rides.

“EMU” means the event organizer, The Events Movement Canada Inc.

“Materials” has the meaning set out in section 8.

“Releasees” has the meaning set out in section 6.

 The “Rider” refers to the eligible entrant/eligible participant in the Event.

  1. Effect of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Event and entry into the Event is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  1. Entry Requirements

The Rider must be a resident of Canada aged 18 or over or who, if under 18, has obtained the express approval of a parent/guardian – who has agreed to all of these terms and conditions – before completing registration in the Event.

The Foundation may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse an application for registration and may seek verification of the above entry requirements in whatever manner it sees fit. Following registration, the Rider’s participation in the Event is subject to the sole discretion of the organizers of the Event, and may be limited or terminated by the Foundation or the EMU, with or without cause.

Great Cycle Challenge involves setting a personal ride distance target to achieve over the course of the month. The Rider should seek professional advice from a medical practitioner before setting their personal goal.

  1. Health & Safety

The Rider is responsible for ensuring that they have adequately and appropriately prepared both physically and mentally for the Event and by entering the Event, the Rider warrants that they have done so and are not aware of any illness, injury, physical disability or impairment which may cause them injury or death during the Event. If the Rider has any health issues or doubts prior to or during the Event, the Rider warrants that they will immediately seek appropriate medical advice.

If, during the Event, the Rider becomes ill or is injured, the Rider warrants that they will cease participation in the Event until they have sought the advice of a medical professional.

  1. Compliance with Laws

During the Event, the Rider will comply with all traffic and road laws in the jurisdiction that they are participating in and any directions issued by officers of the law in their province.

The Rider will wear an appropriate cycling helmet at all times during the Event while riding a bicycle.

  1. Waiver and Acknowledgment

The Rider understands that participating in the Event involves using public streets and highways and in any services made available to participants (including massage and medical services) during the Event are potentially hazardous activities that can result in serious personal injury or death. The Rider is aware of and expressly assume all risks associated with participating in this Event, and asserts that their participation in this Event is voluntary.

In consideration for being permitted to participate in this Event, the Rider hereby waives, releases and forever discharges, The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, The Hospital For Sick Children, EMU, any beneficiaries, sponsors, other Event participants, consultants, participants, third-party vendors, government or public entities, and each of their respective affiliates, successors, officers, directors, members, employees, volunteers, agents, and representatives (collectively referred to as the "Releasees"), from any and all claims for injuries, damages, losses, proceedings, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action (whether known or unknown) whatsoever, both in law and in equity  which the Rider now has or may hereafter have for or by reason of or in respect of their participation in the Event (whether as a spectator, participant, competitor or otherwise), and notwithstanding that same may have been contributed to, or occasioned by, the negligence of any of the Releasees.

The Rider further agrees to indemnify all of the Releasees from and against any and all liability incurred by any or all of them as a result of, or in any way connected with, the Rider’s participation in the Event. 

  1. Content and data

The Rider agrees that while Foundation will provide access to a mobile application to record ride distances in good faith, it cannot be held responsible for the loss of data which may eventuate from the application itself or in transmission between the application and the Event’s website.

Foundation does not claim ownership of Content the Rider may submit or make available for inclusion on www.GreatCycleChallenge.ca.  However, with respect to Content the Rider submits, the Rider grants Foundation a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and non-exclusive licence, as applicable, to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display and otherwise exploit such Content for the purposes of promoting the Great Cycle Challenge.

  1. Privacy and Personal Information

Foundation collects personal information about Riders to include those Riders in the Event and in certain circumstances, to award prizes to those Riders. If the personal information requested is not provided, the Rider cannot participate in the Event. By participating in the Event, each Rider consents to Foundation using and disclosing their personal information to Foundation’s agencies and other third parties engaged to provide services in connection with the Event for use for contacting the Rider in relation to the Event and the purposes set out in the privacy policy of Foundation available at https://greatcyclechallenge.ca/Pages/footer/privacy-policy

The Rider grants this consent until such a time as they withdraw their consent by giving notice to Foundation. The Rider can also gain access to, update or correct any personal information held by Foundation by contacting the Foundation at  hello@greatcyclechallenge.ca

By entering the Event, the Rider agrees that:

(a)  they may be contacted by Foundation (or an agent of Foundation) to provide comments about the Event and Foundation (or an agent of Foundation) may take photos or recordings of them;

(b)  Foundation may use any comments obtained from them, their name, and/or likeness and any photos or recordings of them (the “Materials”) for Foundation’s future promotional and marketing purposes without further reference or compensation to them;

(c)  Foundation may duplicate, alter, adapt and utilise the Materials as Foundation wishes at any time, anywhere and by any means (including communicating them to the public in any media). Foundation may license, authorise or otherwise transfer the rights in the Materials to others to do the same;

(d)  they grant to Foundation on creation of the Materials a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, exclusive and irrevocable licence to use the Materials for whatever purpose it determines; and

(e)  they unconditionally and irrevocably waive all moral rights in the Materials. 

  1. General Provisions

The Rider’s entry into the Event is personal and the Rider has no right to sell or assign that entry.

If for any reason, the Event is not capable of being run as planned, Foundation reserves the right to take any action that may be available to it including cancelling, modifying or suspending the Event.

Any Rider who engages in any unlawful or improper conduct which jeopardises or is likely to jeopardise the fair or proper conduct of the Event or who does not comply with the entry process will be ineligible to participate in the Event.

Foundation reserves the right to disqualify Riders in the event of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions. Foundation’s decisions in relation to all aspects of the Event are final and binding on each Rider and no correspondence will be entered into.

  1. Donations

We are proud to be a leader in fundraising in Canada and are committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canadian tax authority, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Your donation is appreciated. All donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.