Story Resources

Use these Story resources to share your challenge and MAXIMIZE your impact! 

GIFs + Stickers

Spread the word of Great Cycle Challenge on Instagram with our custom GCC stickers and GCC Filter!

Kick Cancer's Butt GIF

1 Month. 1 Goal. GIF

'Fight Kids' Cancer' Instagram Filter

To use GCC GIFs on Instagram:

  1. Choose to add a GIF to your Instagram story
  2. Search #GCCCANADA
  3. Go GIF-crazy!

To try the GCC Instagram Filter:

If you're on a mobile device, go directly to the filter on Instagram by clicking here

Social Stories

Add these to your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok Story to remind your family and friends of your ride this August. Make sure you add your rider link to your Instagram bio so people can easily sponsor you! 

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GCC Story Card 08
GCC Story Card 09
GCC Story Card 10


GCC Story Card 11