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Rank Name Raised
1st Hatch Hatch $4,977
Members of Hatch
338th Jeff Bannard Jeff Bannard $854
490th Kimberley Taylor Kimberley Taylor $673
520th Yan Paquin Yan Paquin $642
605th Stephen Odut Stephen Odut $583
660th Surendra Thapa Surendra Thapa $553
1274th Angela Pasceri Angela Pasceri $259
1386th Aaron Hoag Aaron Hoag $228
1386th Eric Vaillancourt Eric Vaillancourt $228
1525th Matthew Lawson Matthew Lawson $202
1712th Rex Perchard Rex Perchard $157
2102nd Ethan Cameron Ethan Cameron $104
2102nd Hilton Quinn Hilton Quinn $104
2102nd Thomas Sturgeon Thomas Sturgeon $104
2359th Alison Dakran Alison Dakran $98
2718th Alexander Miller Alexander Miller $52
2963rd Michael Soulodre Michael Soulodre $50
N/A Abazar nezafat Abazar nezafat $0
N/A Alex Ho Alex Ho $0
N/A Frances Low Frances Low $0
N/A Gabriela Sigouin Gabriela Sigouin $0
N/A Ho Yin Phoebe Wong Ho Yin Phoebe Wong $0
N/A Keane Gamao Keane Gamao $0
N/A Kevin May Kevin May $0
N/A Laura Pellerin Laura Pellerin $0
N/A Linus Wan Linus Wan $0
N/A Magdy Girgis Magdy Girgis $0
N/A Mfoniso Ikpe Mfoniso Ikpe $0
N/A Neil Rose Neil Rose $0
N/A Sneha Srinivasan Sneha Srinivasan $0
N/A Stephanie Cera Amenta Stephanie Cera Amenta $0
N/A Sudhir Gupta Sudhir Gupta $0
N/A Youssef Hilal Youssef Hilal $0
2nd TYLin Canada TYLin Canada $316
Members of TYLin Canada
1876th Angela Carley Angela Carley $124
2102nd Steve Hollingworth Steve Hollingworth $104
2718th Angus Ho Angus Ho $52
N/A Cara Bü Cara Bü $0
N/A Walid Abi Akar Walid Abi Akar $0
Members of NTAG
N/A Nadine Pearson Nadine Pearson $0
N/A Trent Piazzoni Trent Piazzoni $0
N/A Team Timestep Team Timestep $0
Members of Team Timestep
N/A Michael Santos Santos Michael Santos Santos $0
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